LINE UP 2019


Thursday  April 18th- Monday April 22rd 2019! An International Celebration of Puppetry, featuring wondrous acts across multiple venues


PS I LOVE YOU will be open on Monday 4/22. enormousface plays at 9pm Night Shade performs at 10pm

The Mudlark Public Theatre- 1200 Port St

Poncili Creacion presents “Speechless Storyteller

thumbnailSpeechless is narrated with objects and movement, a story of dark times and constant evolution Story““`t5tellers. Using several objects, some bigger than their bodies, Poncili unfolds the evolution of an island which is getting faster and bigger. Little by little, the modernity that surrounds us filters through history until it reaches a worrying moment. But the evolution is far from over and there are more than a thousand transformations before reaching the end.

Poncili Creacion is a Puertorican group of reality hackers and object makers they generate performative and audiovisual experiences. Since 2013, they have worked with large-scale objects, installations and video. Although they are most known for their performances that involve live music, dance and experimental storytelling their work spans thru several fields including product design and activism. Their performance tours have taken them around the United States, Canada, Europe and The Dominican Republic. Their objects have been exhibited in museums such as the MAPR and the MoCa as well as in independent galleries 787 studios, Art lab,Gr_und, Edge zones, Meta-gallery, Poor Farm Experiment among others.

1Peepa Show presents #11. will the mother goddess continue to feed humanity? Creatures
and objects come to life in dreamlike vignettes, that is mysterious, mischievous, and comic.

Peepa Show is an Athens, GA based theater collective that uses masks movement and
humor to explore subconscious realms.

15 yrs and up. 30 minutes. 



20-MV1_8529Liz Howls presents “Short Stories in Miniature

Liz Howls read all the ancient parables she could find, hand picked her 3 favorite, threw in her own jokes and made an all ages puppet show.  This piece is fun and sentimental and reminds us of ancient lessons that we can still apply today. Using miniature handmade puppets and her odd yet silly sense of humor, she’ll make you laugh no matter how grown up you may think you are.  

All Ages. 3o minutes

Liz is a visual artist and puppeteer from Minneapolis, Minnesota who has been studying puppetry for over 15 years.  This is her 3rd puppetry festival and she enjoys returning to New Orleans every year for the unique artist community that is always an inspiration.

Happyland Theatre 3126 Burgundy 

The Mudlark Puppeteers present “ Hedgehog and Owl: a Baroque in two parts

eospageantmardigras18We begin our journey into the realm of the faery with the consumption and avenging of an Ant Queen. Our second offering tells the story of how the owl began as a baker’s daughter. This is an adventure in wildness and delicacy. Presented in shadows, rod puppetry, and marionette by The Mudlark Puppeteers.

All Ages. 30 minutes. 

 As a company, the Mudlark Puppeteers specialize in puppet theatre that is innovative and unconventional, presenting original and little-told stories of heroic misfits and wayward love; waging a playful but determined battle for alternative modes of being.The Mudlarks are the resident company of New Orleans’ Mudlark Public Theatre. We are thrilled to be hosting the New Orleans Giant Puppet Festival in our 7th year.

Toybox Theatre presents “Rock & Roll Odyssey

imageRock & Roll Odyssey is a brand new feature puppet play by fan favorite Toybox Theatre. It is the story of a bunch of dead rock stars who go on a mystical quest to fulfill their dreams and obtain enlightenment. The play is told thru the use of CZECH marionette and over sized toy theatre complete with live rock & roll and original songs. Rock & Roll Odyssey opened at the 2019  Asheville Fringe Festival where it won the awards for Funniest Show and Fringiest of The Fringe!

All ages. 45 minutes

Toybox Theatre has been performing puppetry arts for over 20 years. Toybox Theatre is  the creation of Keith Shubert and has won multiple awards including Fan Favorite and Best Performance at the National Puppetry Festival, an UNIMA Citation OF Excellence in the Art of Puppetry, the highest award given in the field, and funding from The Jim Henson Foundation. Shubert currently serves as the Chair of The Artistic Committee for The National Puppetry Festival 2019. This will be Toybox’s 7th year at the New Orleans Giant Puppet Festival.

Thumbtack Theatre presents “Clown Around The World

Przemysław Grządzieli has had unexpected complications and will not be attending or performing at the New Orleans 7th Annual Giant Puppet Fest. All Thumbtack Theatre scheduled shows are cancelled. 

 Przemysław Grządzieli combines physical theater, exquisite marionettes, and clowning for one unique performance sure to delight and surprise audiences of any age. The performance combines Grzadziela’s love for humor with a lifetime of experience clowning and puppeteering  around the world.

All ages. 1 hour


Thumbtack Theatre  was founded in 1980 in Gdańsk, Poland by Przemysław Grządzieli .  Przemysław Grządziela after the Ballet School in Gdansk for 17 years worked professionally as a ballet soloist in the Bydgoszcz Opera, Polish Dance Theater in Poznań under the direction of Conrad Drzewiecki, and then Ewa Wycichowska, Wrocław Operetta, and was an actor-mime in the Wrocław Pantomime Henryk Theater. Tomaszewski. Currently, he still dances with guest performances at the Polish Dance Theater and the Grand Theater in Poznań, Poland

PS I Love You – 2115 Port ST.

Night Shade #1Night Shade presents “HORROR OF THE NIGHT SHADE”

Portland 2019, a booming metropolis of shops, restaurants, and bike lanes but unknown to the thousands of newcomers an ancient evil has been lying in wait…to be released! That’s when the HORROR OF THE NIGHT SHADE begins! 40 min

10 and up (younger if parents wish). 45 minutes. 

Nightshade is a Portland-based group creates contemporary tales of timeless terror combining hand-held lights and hundreds of hand-cut paper puppets. Recent show credits include overseas at the Internationales Schattentheater Festival in Schwäbish Gmünd, Germany and a collaboration with PIXIES musician Paz Lenchantin in Los Angeles, CA. Night Shade has been invited to perform at this summer’s Puppeteers of America National Festival in Minneapolis, MN.

Screenshot_20180314-144718Enormous Face presents “The Morphology of XOS”

This is a Utopic Vision of Hell, an Edenic Planetoid Body Inverting into a Luscious World of Demonic Pornography peopled by unknowable grotesque flora and fauna, a topographical labyrinth of deep otherness and bizarre delightful wailing – a vision of The Beginning and The End.

Adult content. 30 min

kalan shh! is a slime mold who lives in a (w)hole with seventeen wild dogs. based in new york and touring internationally, xE breaks garbage, performs horrific Not-Happenings and Puppet Shows, organizes unthinkable secrets, and periodically lectures on Unbeing and Cosmic Nothingness.

downloadSierra Kay presents “Surreal Women” and  “Tripsi-Triplets”

Sierra Kay presents two vignettes:

Surreal Women: Follow icon artistas, Frida Kahlo and  Louise Bourgeois through a labyrinth scroll imagining their artistic response to a future world. Featuring marionettes and a crankie. All ages. 

Tripsi Triplets: The Triplets of Sierra, life size puppets, dance and paint in tandem, creating graffiti art. 

All ages! 30 minutes.

Sierra Camille Kay came to puppetry first as a visual artist. She creates art through her puppets. She creates puppets that create! Over twenty years ago she found a way to combine her love for painting and made her first marionette artist MiMi. Born in Colorado, Sierra has lived many places, but has spent most of her life in her home New Orleans.

Mr. Bonetangles presents “ Barney Rubbish

thumbnailBarney Rubbish is a lab rat. Come and observe him in the laboratory. Watch and listen to him sing about his experience when we give him a shot of something we’ve been testing. 20 min. Ages 13 and up. 

Will Schutze (Mr. Bonetangles) began his career in puppetry at the State Fair Texas where he worker under  his mentor John Hardman for six years until the time of Hardman’s passing. Will still carries on John Hardman’s ‘Scrooge’ show in Dallas, TX— a 45 year holiday tradition created by his teacher. Will’s puppetry was featured in the 2014 movie, ‘Chef’ directed by Jon Favreau. In addition to creating and performing his puppets, Will is also a music producer/composer incorporating his music and lyrics into his puppet shows

She Comes in Peace- 3811 Chartres 

img-4479The Anything Project presents “Brain Washn M3chin

A grandmother snoops around her grandsons room to discover a technological wormhole into another dimension where sock puppets are displaced into the audience in a catastrophic struggle for survival. Whose laundry is this and are clean clothes the solution or the problem? 

13 and up. 45 minutes

Anything Project is Theater, Puppets and Circus where anything is liable to happen and often does.  

Harry Mayronne_Puppet FestHarry Mayronne presents “Mister Roach and his Highstrung Friends

A cabaret style multilingual/musical marionette show with Mister Roach, the dance stylings of Autumn Chicken, and others

All ages. 30 minutes

A regular at New Orleans Giant Puppet Festival, marionette artist/performer Harry Mayronne appears regularly in New Orleans clubs and festivals. Recent shows include “Brechtfest”, “An Evening without Tom Lehrer”, “Hot Stuff!”, “Gumbo Cabaret”, and “Amber Alert”. He has been featured at NYC’s Club Cumming and at Berliner Ensemble with his own Brecht marionette in Nina Hagen’s “Interaktiver Brecht- Lieder-zur-Klampfe-Abend”. His marionettes have been seen on “Steppin’ Out” on WYES TV, and are currently  at Creason’s Fine Art at 831 Chartres St. in the French Quarter.

Jeghetto presentsJEGHETTO’S WORKSHOP

Jeghetto’s Workshop is a showcase of this master builder’s creations made of found and recycled materials. It is a multi-media exhibition of puppetry, projections and Hip Hop instrumentals.

Jeghetto is a self taught puppet builder who travels the country doing stage performances, workshops and residencies. He has received 2 grants from the Henson Foundation and loves working with children with special needs.